Prizes 2017

Our Prize Committee has been hard at work assuring that we have top notch prizes for the Queens Challenge. Our goal is to source the best gear, the best ingredients

Best of Show is a 7 Gallon Chronical from SS Brewtech.

More information about SS Brewtech’s line of stainless steel fermenters can be found HERE.




  Beer, Merchandise   Tickets, Gift Certificates, Merchandise
Basic Brewing Allagash Beer Table
Beer Dust Anvil Brewing Beerly Legal Group
Beer Smith Big Alice Hand Craft NYC
Bitter & Esters Blue Point HK Hospitality Group NY Beer Co HOB
Brew in a Bag Brooklyn Brewery Mosaic
Brewers Best Descendat Cider NYC Craft Beer Festival
Briess Empire Brewing Company Olivers Astoria
BSG Fifth Hammer One Mile House
Cicerone Five Boroughs Brewery QED
CM Becker Funkwerks Salt & Bone
Craft Beer and Brewing Grimm Ales Sekend Sun
Fast Brewing Guinness The Bonnie
Fermentis GunHill The Cliffs
Ferrari Group Iconyc The Gutter Bar
Five Star Chemicals KCBC The Jeffrey
Grog Tag Kelso
High Gravity LIC Beer Project
Homebrew and Handgrenades Moonlight Meadery
Homebrew Emporium Paulaner NYC
Hop Culture Port Jeff Brewing Co
Imperial Yeast Sierra Nevada
Keg Connection Sketchbook Brewing
Long Island Homebrew Strong Rope
Love2brew Transmitter
New Age Industries
New York Craft Malt
SS Brewing Technologies